Hanuman pooja for wish fulfillment

The devotee or his representative ties coconut for the fulfillment of a wish, or solvent to a problem in the his name and star. The devotees offering coconut pooja can come to the temple daily for 41 continuous days. Those who have inconvenience to come daily may come on Tuesdays and Saturdays perambulate the sanctum sanctorium for atleast 11 times.

They should be on a vegetarian diet during the vritha. The coconut can be taken home after 41 days of poojas as prasadam. Those who conduct this pooja is reported to have their wishes fulfilled, physical, mental and spiritual problems solved. Lord Anjaneya likes to be decorated with butter. Those who wish to have this pooja done may come to the temple and register their names. The prasadam may be collected the next day morning. Lord Anjaneya is fond of this offering.

Those who are interested may book in advance and collect the prasadam after the evening pooja. Those who wish to offer these garlands may obtain receipt from the temple counter or they can bring the garlands prepared from their home.

The offering of Sugandha Taila Deepam is ideal for fulfillment of wishes and blessings of Sri Hanuman. The oil blended with jasmine oil,sandal oil, camphor, musk, clove oil etc is used to light a lamp in a chirath very tiny vessel piece made of clay capable of storing a little oil with 5 red wicks.

The devotee lights the lamp and perambulates the sanctum sanctorium of Sri Hanuman thrice to get total welfare and the blessings from the Lord. As for Mandala Nalikera Vritham, all the wishes of the devotees like the cure of diseases, clearing of debts, marriage etc comes true as a result of lighting this lamp for a period of 3, 5, 7, 11 or 16 weeks as selected by the devotee.

Before starting any venture Ganapathy Homam is conducted in order to please the lord and remove all obstacles,make the effort or project a grand success.

hanuman pooja for wish fulfillment

Ganapathy Homam is performed on the first Sunday of every month. The homam is conducted with Navagraha Mantra which gives added results. The homam can be done once in a year throught the life time. Those who are interested may contact Datta temple. Homam with the active participation of devotee or a group of devotees Samooha Homam can also be conducted. The holy water and ashes of the homam are supplied to the devotees as prasadam.


Dattatrya homam conducted during pournami days with special Datta mantra and other mantras gives relief from physical and mental problems and brings all blessings.

The abishekam gives relief to body ailments. The taila after abhishekam cures joint pains and other diseases. Anakhastami Vritham is a spcial pooja offerd on ashtami day of Krishna paksha. It is conducted in temples where Lord Dattatreya is consecrated along with godess Lakshmi.

Poojas are offered not only to them but also to their sons. The bachelors who conduct this pooja gets married, gets good children and all other welfare. Those who wish to have the pooja may contact the temple.

Those who wish to conduct this pooja need to make a booking atleast two days prior to the pooja day. When you prepare food at your house a handful of rice may be kept seperately as Bhiksha offering to Lord Dattatreya. The amount of rice can be increased as much as you can afford.Respected Neel Sir and Ashok Mehta ji. The post today has appealed to me but for obvious reasons. In the matter of running court cases and obstacles in job, which are likely to continue for years in future, should it be repeated once a month, once in three months?

Your suggestion sir. You can repeat as many times as you want 2. Recite chalisa atleast once 3.

Hanuman Jayanti

Yes 4. It has to kept in nar his feet 5. The swastik has to be drawn after tying the mauli. Tie the mauli in such a way that enough space is left for drawing a swastik. Respected Ashok ji, a bit of confusion. Which type of coconut brownish with hairy skin used as a bhaint at Mata Vaishni Devi OR some other type is to be used? That red and colored thread itself is called mauli. There are no 2 types of mauli or anything.

Good post! Sir, can the mauli be cut off at required length from the roll of mauliafter determining my exact height OR it should be compulsorily measured by someone from my head to toe, and then cut off. Sir, please clear my anxiety. Dear Ashokji, I need a couple of clarifications : 1 Should it be done every day or only on Tuesdays?

hanuman pooja for wish fulfillment

Sajal Chakraborty. It can be done on any day but Tuesdays and Saturday has more importance 2.One more wonderful post. Sir, can we use this surya mantra to get supernatural powers like door shravan, door darshan, prapthi? This is also a wish. Isn't it? Forgive me if I ask anything wrong. That is not a chaturvarga siddhi prapti. That is a yogic siddhi. The above mentioned prayog is for chaturvarga siddhi related wishes.

Thanks sir for your reply Sorry sir I can't understand. I request you to tell me clearly. I have never heard about chaturvarga. Can't it be used to get small supernatural powers? Sorry for annoying you. Dharma, artha, kama and moksha. All these 4 are together called as chaturvarga siddhi which are the requirement of any grihasth.

This mantra is not for yogic siddhis. Can we do it on coming partial sun eclipse? Then is this sadhna only for one day or we should keep it daily?

Puja for Wish Fulfillment - Manokaamna Prapti

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hanuman pooja for wish fulfillment

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let me know ,how to pray for lord hanuman, and which time is the best to pray,in moring hours?

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hanuman pooja for wish fulfillment

Sign in. Sign up. Follow us. Search Articles. Kitts and Nevis ST.The hanuman stotra or maruti stotra is sung at every evening in our home. It is ver powerful shlok. Namaste Neel ji and Ashok Mehta ji, i hope some day you can answer all these questions asked above, so we can proceed with this sadhna. How many times we have to chant per day As far as for hiw long spwe should do this, i guess its untill we fulfill our desires, am i right?

Thank you. Yes, that is right,you can to the Sadhana once, but see the above reply for a specific timebound Mantra Sadhana. I want something like a laptop.

Will my desire get fulfilled even if it takes time? One day japa is not enough. Kindly look at the procedure I have mentioned in the comments. The japa days will be continuously 40 days for continuously 40 Tuesday??? That is up to you, the post does not mention any specific period. Success depends upon the intensity with which a mantra is chanted, you can chant the mantra daily as mentioned in the post until your wish is fulfilled.

Post a Comment Feel free to speak your mind and share your thoughts and knowledge. Answer the Queries of others. Please do not expect answers for obvious or personal questions. Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish. By Neel N February 28, Here is some great news for the devote worshippers of the Hindu God of infinite strength Hanuman.

In this post I am giving the Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish. This Hanuman mantra is said to help you overcome the difficulties or problems you might encounter in fulfilling that wish. Labels Hanuman Mantras Hanuman Worship. Labels: Hanuman Mantras Hanuman Worship. Neel N is the founder of Prophet Anonymous March 24, at PM.

Unknown August 10, at AM. Unknown September 11, at PM. Unknown September 16, at PM. Unknown June 25, at PM.To overcome complex problems in life one should worship lord Hanuman. Hanuman also called as god with monkey form is one of the most worshiped deity among Hindus. His temples and pictures can be found in all the corners of the world where Hindus live.

Lord Hanuman is a strict bachelor with great devotion to the lord sri Ram. He is considered as a chiranjeevi which means an immortal and also omnipresent.

He is also called anjani putra as his mother was anjani. It is said that he was blessed with hanuman due to her devotion to lord Shiva. To experience his ephemeral presence and divine bliss one need to visit a hanuman temple on Saturday. Some of the hanuman temples are quite famous to get the blessing like sankat mochan in varanasi, Kasapuram near guntakal of Andhra pradesh. He has helped lord Ram to complete his goal of defeating ravan of Lanka and bring back seeta.

During his role in ramayan he helped many people in the path of righteousness to achieve salvation and also success. He has freed Lord Shani dev from the prison in Lanka. Ravan has put shani dev in prison and lord hanuman let him escape from it. Hence Shani is devoted to hanuman and anyone with problems of shani in his astrology can approach hanuman for solution.

Hanuman can be worshiped by anyone and at any place. But one requires to be leading a righteous life. If one is suffering from long standing diseases then he or she has to refrain from consuming non-veg food for effective and fast relief from health problems. Read hanuman chalisa at least once a day till you overcome your problems in life.

It is a 40 line ritual written by poet Tulasi das who is said to have got the divine appearance of lord hanuman. If one has a heart problem or anxiety or some mental stress, he or she has to chant hanuman chalisa as many times as possible in a day. Lord hanuman is also a guru or teacher.By Abhilash Rajendran Thursday, August 09, As per Hinduism, Lord Hanuman is one deity who can be easily pleased.

In Kali Yuga, worship of Hanuman helps in desire fulfillment. Here are five wish fulfilling Hanuman Temples in North India. The belief is that after offering prayers in these temples wishes of devotees are fulfilled. The belief is that Hanuman here fulfills the desires of his devotees immediately. This is a very famous wish fulfilling Hanuman temple. Hanuman here is getting ready to go into Patala to defeat Mahiravana. Thousands of Hindu devotees have had their wishes fulfilled after offering prayers here.

This unique Hanuman temple located at Chitrakoot is noted for a huge Hanuman murti and there are two water bodies nearby. The water bodies flow touching the Hanuman murti. This is too a wish fulfilling Hanuman and devotees get their desire fulfilled quickly after offering prayers here. Hanuman Mandir at Sangam in Allahabad is famous for 20 feet Hanuman murti which is in sleeping position.

It is believed that mere darshan of this Hanuman murti helps in alleviating all the problems in life. This famous Hanuman temple is approached after climbing 60 steps.

How to Worship Lord Hanuman| 8 Best Tips for quick Benefits

This important Hanuman temple is located at the birthplace of Bhagavan Sri Ram. It is believed that offering worship here will help in fulfilling all forms of desires. Labels Hanuman. Labels: Hanuman.

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